it out….— The Zen Master ㊗️ (@CampaignCamo) March 9, 2018

This blog is for the college basketball fan who is always in the know or who always wants to be in the know. This paper is full of information around college basketball whether it be news on players, scores, highlights just all things college basketball. This paper also includes articles from college basketball writers across the country so you have a chance to follow and see the perspectives from people all around the world. You might like a writer’s article so much that you follow him from here on out and you can thank me for building that relationship. Your also welcome to comment and leave your own opinions on things you see within the news paper. Not only will this paper cover college basketball but it’ll also cover high school stars who are up next to takeover the game of college basketball. It’s only right that we have video highlights and pictures as well. This paper is going to have a heavy presence in regards to March Madness as well. We have a hashtag tab with the name #MarchMadness so you know that section will be filled with anything you may miss when the tournament begins next week. We also will cover the biggest headlines in college basketball. Feel free to comment or let me know if there is anything in specific you want to see in the paper and I’ll do my best to make that happen for you as the reader. The College Basketball Corner will be the future one stop for all news regarding college basketball.


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