To Combine Or To Not Combine…

The NBA Combine doesn’t have all of the hype of it’s football counterpart The NFL Combine but over the years it has been something to look forward too when draft season arrives. With it being in the city I love the most, being Chicago, I have always had dreams of being one of the media members to one day go to the combine and meet some of the top draft prospects that we watch all NCAA basketball season. This year was something different though, two of the most notable draft prospects in this year’s draft being Markelle Fultz & Lonzo Ball decided not to participate in the combine. NBA fans were in some sort of an uproar because this is something that hadn’t really been seen before and especially not from players that are being said to go #1 & #2. The combine is a place were you show your athletic abilities and skills to NBA scouts across the country. You also get a chance to play against players in your position and other top talents. You not showing up to the combine may question your competitive nature and may set you back on some GM’s draft boards. You also could be documented a certain way because you didn’t want to compete against top tier talent in the combine so GM’s may be thinking you have no chance to compete against the all star talent in the NBA. I honestly hope that this is just a year thing and top prospects every year do not take the route that Ball & Fultz are taking.


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