The Young Bull…

Imagine going unranked all up until about the summer before your senior year and then when you play against some of the top players in the nation, you go full attack mode and basically murder any and every player in your way. Well that just happens to be the story of future Alabama point guard Collin Sexton. This kid’s ferocious attitude, high energy and love of the game is shown every time he goes out there on the floor. One thing that makes him different that is quite shocking for a young player in our generation is the fact that he owns no social media. When i first found out about that, I was very shocked but that makes him so much different than your normal 18 year old these days. Sexton’s buzz arose when he trash talked NBA legend Penny Hardaway while playing against his son. He called his son “TRASH” multiple times and then went on to score for multiple possessions. Reporters said that during the McDonald’s All-American Game practices, he called out a lot of the players during the practices. He is currently 6th in the ESPN Top 100 list & will be Avery Johnson’s biggest prospect since becoming the Crimson Tide’s coach. The SEC will become a little more open with Sexton going to Alabama but the question is, will be able to stop the big blue juggernaut in Lexington. I am sure of it that ESPN will have both contests between the two schools on its network when the time comes.


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