The New Big Blue Nation…

Kentucky’s 2016-2017 basketball team showed a lot of the one and done doubters what a group of freshman can do if you are battle tested throughout the season and you stick together and play as one when it matters. This class had 3 of top 10 players in the country in Edrice “Bam” Adebayo, De’Aaron Fox & Malik Monk who were all most definitely the focal point of this team’s success. Bringing back Sophomore Isaiah Briscoe and other vets like Dominique Hawkins & Issac Humphries also were key pieces to this team’s 32-6 record. They obtained another SEC Championship for Coach Cal and made it all the way to the Final Four where they lost to potential 2017 National Champion North Carolina. After losing, Fox & Adebayo were shown crying and hugging each other during an interview in Kentucky’s locker room. The significance of the interview went to show that even though those guys were freshman they really cared about how the team did and even though they were young they were poised and prepared for big games like that even though they may have lost. Even though that squad didn’t finish the job there is hope like always for next year when it comes to Cal’s squads and honestly next year’s team is slightly different than this past season’s but it’s the same format if you catch my drift. Cal may not have 3 players in the top 10 in the ’17 class but he does have one in the top ten in Kevin Knox and a total of 5 in the top 30. Next year’s team I believe will be way more together because I think Cal doesn’t have that one guy he can rely one. He has multiple this time around.


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