The Duke New Devils…

This is a story all about how The Duke Blue Devils got turned upside down, so i’d like to take a minute just sit right there, i’ll tell you how Coach K may put teams this season in a scare. The days of Christian Letterer, Grant Hill, Bobby Hurley, Mike Dunleavy & JJ Reddick are long gone and as of recent Coach K has been stepping into the lane of Coach Cal & Bill Self with the recruitment of top 10 players from 2010 on forward. Players such as Kyrie Irving, Austin Rivers, Jabari Parker, Jahlil Okafor, Brandon Ingram and from this past season the #1 & #3 ranked players Harry Giles & Jayson Tatum have helped Coach K come into the wave of the high profiled all americans who may choose to leave after one year. Yes I know he has gotten top ten players in classes before the ones mentioned but those players stayed for three to four years. Coach K’s ’17 class has the potential to be the complete opposite and continue the wave of “diaper dandies” who have left early for the draft of recent years with the commitments from the number 4 , 5 & 7 players in the country being Wendell Carter, Trevon Duval & Gary Trent Jr. . All three players have the potential to change the university by themselves but the damage that can be done with them together can be very scary if they are all used to their strengths. With Grayson Allen returning the sky can literally be the limit for the devils in blue next season.


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