“The Chosen One” Again…

So you honestly want me to believe that there is another 6’8 230 pound high school superstar just walking around in South Carolina and he is in no way related to the first high school superstar of that nature being LeBron James. Well folks it is true, Zion Williamson is seeming to be the next version of the guy that NCAA coaches, NBA coaches, scouts and fans across the country were infatuated with while only being 16 or 17 years old. The scary part is that he may not be done growing and he definitely has the chance to get stronger and quicker. The whole world was introduced to Williamson in 2016 when he put up a 50 point performance in a thanksgiving tournament with some of the craziest in game dunks you have probably ever seen a high schooler do. His jumping ability is out of this world and if you get in his way while he is attacking the rim you may stop breathing for second. You also might just want to prepare yourself for complete embarrassment because you never know what Williamson may do, he could go around you, go through you or jump over you honestly. No question about it Zion has the top schools in the country knocking at his door night in and night out and he has posted pictures with legendary college coaches such as Roy Williams, Rick Pitino & Coach K. This upcoming high school basketball season is no doubt going to be The Zion Williamson Show anywhere he goes. I know high school gyms nationwide are going to be sold out as they were back in 2002 when that guy who attended St. Vincent-St. Mary’s high school started and completed his senior campaign in Akron.


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