Big Baller Brand or Nothing…

Last week some crazy news came out Lavar Ball’s mouth and once again he is just digging the hole that his son is going to have to patch up when he gets into the NBA. The next plan for the Big Baller Brand is to release Lonzo’s first signature shoe the ZO2. A rookie having a shoe contract is very common but they usually don’t get their own signature shoe coming into the NBA or early in your career  unless your in the likes of LeBron, Kobe or MJ who all had signature shoes in their young careers. Lonzo’s name doesn’t really hold the weight that Bron’s or Kobe’s did coming out of high school so that is why I think a signature shoe for him right now probably isn’t the best move for him but from his dad’s perspective the money that he makes from the shoe will just stay in the family where as another rookie signing with Nike or Adidas or even Under Armor would have to split that money or give a sum of it back to the company. The major problem I have with Ball’s shoe is the price. The opening price of the ZO2 is $495. YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. This 19 year old kid who hasn’t played a game in a NBA uniform yet has a shoe that is $500 a pair. I understand that you are investing in yourself   by taking a chance like that but come on man, you got to be reasonable. According to SBNation Ball’s shoe made $150,000 on the first day. We will see how long that holds up along with Ball’s career.


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